KISS Live picture disc Demos and outttakes LP

Live og demos. Utgitt i UK på 90 tallet

A1 Rocket Ride
A2 All American Man
A3 Anyway You Want It
A4 Rockin´ In The Usa
A5 Love Gun
A6 Rip It Out
A7 Rocket Ride
A8 Hooligan
B1 Love Bite
B2 Deuce
B3 Cold Gin
B4 Strutter
B5 Watchin´ You
B6 Black Diamond
B7 Beck
B8 Beth
A1-A4: Alternate mixes for Alive II 1977
A5: Paul Stanley demo, March 1977
A6-A7: Frehley's Comet Live, unknown date/city
A8-B1: Peter Criss/Stan Penridge demos, 1977
B2-B6: 1st Kiss demo, March 1973
B7: Lips demo, approx. 1971
B8: Phantom of the Park version, 1978


kr 750,00