KISS - Lost in our vaults until now Box Set White Vinyl x4

Delikat boks med 4 hvite LP’er med demos og outtakes. Sett nr 263/350

Limited edition på 350 kopier , boksen inneholder også 2 postere. Utgitt i Europa 2020. boksen er MINT, kun åpnet for å se på hærlighetene inni

se på bildene, de taler for seg selv.

Her er oversikt over låtene på skivene


Record 1 : 1969 / 1976
A1 Stanley The Parrot
A2 Going Blind
A3 Eskimo Sun
A4 High And Low
A5 Burning Up With Fever
A6 Daily Planet
B1 Rotten To The Core
B2 Do You Love Me?
B3 Flaming Youth
B4 Great Expectations
B5 None Of Your Buisness
B6 Howling For Your Love
B7 I Don't Want Your Romance
Record 2 : 1976 / 1978
C1 Man Of 1000 Faces
C2 Rock And Rolls Royce
C3 See In Your Dreams
C4 True Confessions
C5 Calling Dr. Love
C6 Love Em And Leave Em
C7 Love Came To Me
C8 Bad Bad Lovin II
D1 Christeen Sixteen
D2 Tunnel Of love
D3 Almost Human
D4 Rockin In The USA
D5 Larger Than Life
D6 Love Came To Me
D7 Reputation
Record 3 : 1978 / 1982
E1 All For Nothing
E2 I'm Need Of Love
E3 It's Funny But It Ain't No Joke
E4 Love By Invitation
E5 Charisma
F1 Queen Of Hearts
F2 Dorothy Lamour
F3 Feel Like Heaven
F4 Only You
F5 Escape From The Island
F6 Not For The Innocent
Record 4 : 1987 / 1998
G1 It's My Life
G2 Legends Never Die
G3 Dial L For Love
G4 Are You Always This Hot
G5 Crazy Crazy Nights
G6 I'll Fight Hell To Hold You
H1 Turn On The Night
H2 When Your Walls Come Down
H3 Hell High Or Water
H4 Good Girl Gone Bad
H5 Little Ceasar
H6 If It's To Hot, You're To Cold
H7 Are You Ready 

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